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MOD: Application changes.

Later today, I'll post some of the suggested questions that you all want added to the application. (don't do it for me xchickendancerx, I'll go crazy. O_o). But I wanted to know: Is there any questions you want taken off? I know I'm taking the Bush and Kerry questions out for sure...The problem with some of them is that people tend to forget the rules and vote on whether or not they agree with the opinion or not.

Also, I'd like to see some suggestions for the random questions. Some that will test the creativity of the applicant.

One more thing.

I'll be changing the layout of the community ('cause this one sucks. >.>;;). Anyone want to recommend bands/singers to but in the header image? It could be more than one, from any genre of music. What color scheme should the layout be?

Well, I need to get to work, so that's it for me.

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