@ngie a.k.a. Sven (sputnik1629) wrote in hardcorexlosers,
@ngie a.k.a. Sven

MOD: New layout.

So I got lazy and borrowed a layout from a buddy of mine...>.>;; Our co-mod should go crazy over it, though...

Anyway, it gave me an idea. I was thinking we have a layout dedicated to an artist or band every month or two. Sound good? If you would like that, please make some suggestions as to who to feature in the layout. Any genre is acceptable. We'll then vote when it's time to change the layout. The remaining suggestions will be put to the side until the next layout change, then we'll vote again and blah blah blah. You get the picture...

I know I haven't gotten to posting the suggestions to new application questions...Sorry about that. ^^; I'll get to it as soon as possible.

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