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"Can you mosh with the hardcore kids? WELL CAN YA?!"

im reapplying. my opinions are the same as last time just so you know. hehe

basics ..
location:: pikeville, kentucky
birthday:: june 13th nineteen eighty eight
gender:: female.
sexual preference:: straight

opinions ..
bush:: im anti iraq war and pro gat marriage so how could i ever like him? i cant really say much without going into a long drawnout paragraph or two about how i dont like him. and who wants that
kerry::sad he didnt win. he did flip-flop on his opinions on different subjects. but at least if he was president then we wouldnt be in a complete deficit
war::war is just if you have a reason. afaganistan was a just war. iraq. no. why are we in iraq? 'weapons of mass destruction'? something we havent found yet. or will probably never find
religion::i dont have a religion persay. i used to be a full blown christian but ehh. i dont know. as long as people dont try to shove thier religion down my throat then ok.
drugs::anti drugs. im straight edge. im not a edge kid who attacks you if you do drugs but im not for them. my sister is a drug addict and she spends at least $1000+ on drugs. and doesnt provide fer her 2 kids she has. so i dont see any point in wasting money on somehting that lasts a couple of hours.
smoking::not for it. not against it. my mom has lung cancer from smoking. and well im watching her suffer from it. she will die before i graduate from high school. and for what? because she though smoking was cool. i mean smoking is ok if you dont smoke 3 packs a day
drinking::anti drinking. ive had a few drinks before. and for one it tastes horrid and two it gives you ciroisis (yeah i cant spell). why would anyone want to drink something that tastes horrid so their liver can turn to stone?
piercings::ive got my lip peirced. peircings are awesome i think. and cute in some places. and on some people
tattoos::awesome. im getting my first tattoo next month. they look awesome if you dont go all out. or get someones name tattooed on you
abortion::im pro-choice. i think that if you were raped and your like 13 then you should be able to get a abortion. what 13 year old wants to go through that? or if theres situation like the baby will live but you wont. or you and the baby could die if you have it. i would rather safe one life than lose 2.
Suicide::suicide is a permant solution to a temporary problem. it only causes more pain
Pre-marital sex::whatever. as long as your safe. pro-condoms. and as long as its with someone that you love. not just some random person off the street.
Gay Marriage::marriage is love. it shouldnt just be limited to woman and man. it should be marry who you love. not who is morally right.

favorites ..
color(s)::pink, black, silver, grey
movie(s)::pulp ficton♥, monsters ball, of mice and men, fight club
tv show(s)::aqua teen hunger force, family guy.. i dont watch much tv. just adult swim
book(s)::the perks of being a wallflower, the terminal man, rising sun, animal farm
song(s)::naked by the computer by btbam, pretend you dont know by time and distance, something that produces results by the early november, ape dos mil by glassjaw
album(s)::sirens and condolences by bayside, this adultry is ripe by the blood brothers, outlaw anthems by blood for blood, the few the proud the cruical by casey jones, crooked rain crooked rain by pavement, bless the martyr and kiss the child by norma jean, and last but not least the black album by jayz
store(s)::cosmic, urban outfitters, goodwill
candy::pixie stixs and sweetarts
food::veggie burgers, tater tots, papa johns and taco bell
beverage::grape juice, sprite, water
video game::street fighter
video game system:: super nintindo
noise::the crunching sound of snow when it just falls and you walk on it
holiday:: valentines day
day of week::
ice Cream Flavor:: strawberry or choc. chip cookie dough
Instrument:: drums
pick up line:: hey. i hear theres a monster in here. yeah its in my pants.
five+ favorite bands:: throwdown, norma jean, between the buried and me, my ameriacan heart, straylight run
three+ least favorite bands:: maroon 5 (overrated, over played), slipknot (overrated and just stupid), nickelback
one band you'd recommend and why:: my american heart. because they are just good. and some of them guys in that band wear girl pants. hott.

Randomness ..
how'd you find our community? ive applied before. thought id apply again since i have time for communitys now
did you get referred? n/a
by whom?
where did you promote us at? AND
if you became a prostitute, how much do you think you would cost? 250$
if you ran out of herione, assuming you are an addict, would you stoop to snorting smarties? no. because that would probably just burn. and mess up your nose.
a clerk in the butcher shop is 5' 10'' tall. what does he weigh? i have no idea.
how many two cent stamps are there in a dozen? 12
If accepted, which banner would you like (1, 2, or 3)? 1

post at least two pictures of your sexy self!

im the one in the green shirt. just so you know.
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