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Let's do this like a prison break, I wanna see you scream and shake

Woah...it's been a while since I've posted (sorry community MODs!). The new layout is cool, but picking only one band for a community that accepts all musical tastes? I don't know, but it seems to be giving off contradicting messages...

Anyway...updates, updates! The only new CD I've gotten since the last time I posted was White Stripe's Elephant(in stores now!). Ever since buying it, I can't stop listening. My personal favorites are "Seven Nation Army," "Ball and a Biscuit," and "Cold, Cold Night." The music is great, and very catchy, not to mention the lyrics. It has the rock sound, but it mixes with a kind of Nashville-southern sound(not country music).

I've borrowed prettyinvelvet's Interpolantics, so I'll comment on that when I get a chance to fully listen to it.

Off the subject, my birthday was January 25th and I'm taking Driver's Ed!

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