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What is your favourite album EVER?

Mine would be NIN's The Downward Spiral.

Let me also add that whomever made this delicious layout deserves the finest koala burgers ever fathomed, once they get to heaven.

HOWEVER, don't you think people who come here to get rated (cuz you know how they're FLOCKING) they might just think that this community only focuses on one band? I mean yeah they can read on and find out it really doesn't and stuff, but I know some people here mentioned they liked Taking Back Sunday...

and if I had seen this community with a TBS layout my interest would've take a serious NOSEDIVE.

What I suggest is a collage of bands (maybe even the members' favourites?). We want people to come here and say "hey look at that layout! I love that band! leme look around", then it will be so much easier to brainwash them and convince them to chop their genitals off. You all knew this was a cult, right?

If you've nothing to add, tell me of your fave album for chissake :P


your nutty co-mod,
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I'm working on a new layout, dammit. >_
I'll assume you mean you're working on TWO new layouts ;)

Hurry it up, dammit.

i dunno, my faves change always. since i'm in a fucking peachy keen mood lately one of my fave albums has gotta be dookie from green day. i dont even care that most of their popular songs are on it(which usually irks me to hell), its good.

and both brand new's albums (your favo[u]rite weapon, déja entendu) are delishious.

I CANNOT decide. It changes so much. Right now, it's still The Killer's "Hot Fuss." And then there's AFI...

Later, it could be The Mars Volta's "De-loused in the Comatorium." Who knows? We just need a layout that sends the message, "We're open to all kinds of music, even if we think your music sucks." (You might wanna cut out that last part about the music sucking)
just ONE?!

Well... Some of My favorites are:

Spice - The Spice Girls
deadletters - The Rasmus
The Best of Blondie - Blondie
Missundastood - Pink
The Best Of The Doors -The Doors
All That and More - The Ramones

And Hoshit. Way more. WAAAAAAAAAAY more.
After thought.

In Utero - Nirvana

goes in that list.