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Ergh, so somewhere between 3 and 4am I'm listening to a local radio station (online, through my laptop, because I'm too lazy to get up and turn the radio on), and I hear the most beautiful sounds I've heard in a long time. Softly distorted wailing violins over busily working guitars, rhythmic drums creating a soft hilly landscape for the music to roll over.
It was beautiful. No vocals. Just music that communicated and articulated better than words. And I started to wish I could put an exact langauge to music, that intervals and chord progressions and note values could equal exact thoughts of phrases.
But then in some ways, they already do. The beauty of music is how it's perceived. It's the fact that one person will rigt it to mean one exact thing, and the next will hear it and discover a completely different but equally as important meaning.

The band was Sun Vow, the song was Hot Eyes. Sun Vow is not signed, and when I emailed the DJ he told me it's hard to get hands on their self-released self-titled, but that they were playing a show in January and that I should go. I cursed, because I work that evening, and will probably never get my hands on their album and forget about them in a matter of days.

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Make someone go for you and tell them you'll love them forever if they do. O_O Nothing wrong with stretching the truth...>.>;