semi colon (xchickendancerx) wrote in hardcorexlosers,
semi colon

lordy-lordy kiddies...i need some help.

i need to find some new music. i love all the music i'm currently into but its all starting to get old. and since i've already heard everything i have a thousand times know. i feel trashy and dirty(but i'm not, i shower regularly bitch!) and angry and...i just wanna kick the shit out of things. everything i try to listen to doesnt seem to satisfy that. so, i'm asking you lovelies to reccommend me some new music. i need something exciting, fast paced, sloppy(optional).
i'm more rock oriented. i'm mostly asking for punk bands, but anything else is fucking appreciated. i'm already good with-

early afi
the misfits
the exploited
the casualties
the adicts
toy dolls

if anyone can hook me up with stuff from broken bones i'd be very happy.

oh, i'm also not looking for alexisonfire/atreyu/a static lullaby type music, while i'm thinking

thanks so much in advance.
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